KynderMed is a recently formed Women’s Health Company initially focused on reducing the human tragedy and economic burden caused by preterm labor. These total one million infant deaths globally per year and an estimated $50+ billion in healthcare system costs. Currently, there is no therapy that can effectively and safely address this unmet medical need. KynderMed’s first product will create a $2+ billion market. KynderMed will leverage new and proprietary insights into the suppression and induction of labor resulting from the regulation of melatonin. The technologies are the product of research conducted at Florida State University, and are being developed in collaboration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Rennsalaer Polytechnic Institute.

The first initiative is a simple, non-invasive medical device called Cerulean Sleep, which will enable at-risk women to avoid the onset of premature labor.

The second is a pharmaceutical application derived from additional insights into melatonin. It offers promise as a kinder, more natural, and much less dangerous labor induction agent than the current standard (Oxytocin), which produces a high incidence of fetal distress.