KynderMed will leverage new and proprietary insights into the suppression and induction of labor resulting from regulation of melatonin. These technologies are the product of Dr. James Olcese’s research conducted at Florida State University.

KynderMed has the exclusive license covering patents that will enable the development of two unique products in the short to intermediate term.

The Patent Estate is comprised of 2 issued patents and 4 applications. These include:
  1. Compositions for Inducing Labor and Associated Methods   Issued
  2. Using Light to Regulate Uterine Contractions  Issued

The first commercial initiative is a simple, non-invasive medical device called Cerulean Sleep, which will enable at-risk women to avoid the onset of premature labor.

The device uses a specific blue light spectrum therapy to control the production of the hormone melatonin to suppress contractions. The technology has been successfully tested and is currently in a second proof of concept human trial.  Collaborators include Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Harvard) and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

KynderMed has identified three product extensions which will expand  the addressable market by providing a product tailored to the needs of developing nations, and the next two generations of the core product which will expand user comfort and medical utility.

The second major initiative is a pharmaceutical application derived from additional insights into melatonin. It offers promise as a kinder, more natural, and much less dangerous labor induction agent than the current standard (Oxytocin), which produces a high incidence of fetal distress. The development strategy for the pharmaceutical will be assessed following the filings of the European and US regulatory submissions for the preterm labor device.