“Prematurity is the world’s single biggest cause of newborn death, and the second leading cause of all child deaths, after pneumonia.

Many of the preterm babies who survive face a lifetime of disability.”


Ban Ki-Moon

Former United Nations Secretary-General

KynderMed is an innovative medical device company in Women's Healthcare leveraging new scientific understandings and proprietary technology


Our Mission is to reduce the 3 MILLION  human tragedies per year associated with preterm birth - While reducing the annual $35 BILLION burden incurred by the US healthcare system. 


We have developed the product, validated the technology in two small human trials, held an informal meeting with the FDA who are quite supportive, created a world class leadership team, secured a manufacturer and locked in a favorable product cost, and developed a detailed roadmap to market.

Our Team

NBG Portrait.jpeg

Don has over 30 years’ experience in senior life science leadership positions. He has launched products in hospitals, medical offices, and through consumer channels. He has experience in large corporations, start-ups, consulting firms, and NGOs.  Throughout, Don has had a women’s health focus. 

Executive Chair of the Board

Don Rosenkoetter


James is a global authority in circadian rhythms and the neuroendocrine system.  He is a Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience and Molecular Biophysics at Florida State University College of Medicine.  He has over 100 peer reviewed research articles.

Vice President, Co-Founder, Scientist

James Olcese, PhD


Justin is a well seasoned Project Manager with over 15 years of experience. He has experience in design, manufacturing, project management and program management in various industries related to instrumentation.

He has significant experience in medical device manufacturing and design working for Smith & Nephew, ConMed and Drager. Justin received a BSEE from Grove City College and and MBA from the University of South Florida.

Product Development Lead

Justin Bushko

Robert is an acknowledged world leader in the obstetrics and fertility field. He is the founder and head of the Toronto Centre for Reproductive Therapy, Professor of Obstetrics at the University of Toronto, and the editor of the two leading journals in the field of reproductive medicine.

Clinical Advisor

Robert Casper, MD

David is a Partner and Director at Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhdeff & Sitterson. His focus is on commercial and transactional law and he has a passion for helping early stage companies

Corporate Counsel

David Seifer, JD


Doug is Chairman of Newport Board Group and Entrepreneur–in-Residence at the Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship at Florida State University.

Funding Advisor

Douglass Tatum

While earning his B.A. in European Policy Studies at the University of Passau in Germany, Erik Olcese completed an internship as digital media fellow in 2017 with KynderMed in Tallahassee, Florida. He currently works with the company as Head of European Expansion, Webmaster and Social Media Advisor  

Media Advisor

Erik Olcese