When combined with a healthy lifestyle, the Sleep Mask is intended to help reduce the tragedies resulting from preterm birth



Professor James Olcese, KynderMed’s co-founder, is a globally recognized authority on the circadian rhythm.  When he learned that women tend to go into spontaneous preterm contractions at night, he wondered if this was a circadian event caused by the nightly release of melatonin.  Dr. Olcese’s chief contribution to science is his discovery that melatonin is a cause of these contractions.  Professor Olcese then proved that if melatonin was causing spontaneous preterm contractions, he could inhibit them using light. 


Our recently published study data validates using light to suppress melatonin has demonstrated a strong suppression of contractions. Based on these findings, KynderMed has developed a personal light emitting sleep mask that will safely and effectively help reduce the incidence of spontaneous preterm contractions.